Payroll Services

Simmonds CPA is able to offer support for various payroll applications. Our experience with these applications and attentive service can help to relieve any confusion associated with third party payroll processing apps.


When it comes to payroll for your small business, there are many existing platforms and apps for you to choose from for payroll processing. However, organizing the correct information and ensuring it’s implemented correctly can lead to a variety of challenges – especially if you have little experience with payroll application management.

We understand the importance of proper implementation for payroll applications. Our payroll solutions are primarily focused on providing support with payroll applications. We believe these solutions are typically more effective compared to manually processing payrolls.

Payroll apps supported include:

• QuickBooks Online Accounting (QBO)
• Wave
Contact Us if you have questions about a different payroll app




To learn more about Simmonds CPA’s services for small business, contact us at 519-403-5020.

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