Whether you’re dealing with GST, HST, or PST, fulfilling the government’s sales tax requirements can be both complicated and time-consuming.


Regardless of the province you are in, at Simmonds CPA we can manage your small business’ provincial or federal GST remittance and/or HST remittance (& PST related needs) so you don’t have to. We’ll save you time and frustration by ensuring your taxes are administered as needed and on time.

Our services can take one of two forms depending on your needs and preferences. The first is providing you with the amounts for filing with the CRA and provincial authorities, while the second is independently filing returns on your behalf. No matter your business needs, we’re happy to assist you with managing, monitoring, and submitting your taxes.


To learn more about Simmonds CPA’s services for small business, contact us at 519-403-5020.

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