Corporate Tax Planning

At Simmonds CPA, we understand that income tax season is a stressful time of year – especially for a small business. To help alleviate the pressures of filing, our accountants can ease the burden of corporate tax planning.


Our small business tax planning experts will help you to build a strategy for aligning your overall financial goals with efficient tax planning. They will examine your small business’ finances and help you plan for the different roads ahead, including the timing of purchases, income and other expenditures, retirement plans and investments.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver efficient, cost-saving corporate tax planning services that will help your business to succeed. We will work with you around the clock to make sure you meet your corporate tax filing and reporting requirements by the Canadian Revenue Agency’s deadline.


To learn more about Simmonds CPA’s services for small business, contact us at 519-403-5020.

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